Planning A Custom Fence

When Considering a Custom Fence For Your Orlando Home.

It is very easy to drive through Orlando’s and see a fence that makes you say,  ” Wow, that’s really a cool looking custom fence.”  Next thing you know, you find yourselves standing in your backyard, ideas flying, images being burnt in our minds at 32 frames per second.    By Monday– you can’t take it anymore.   Estimates are scheduled,  five for good measure, but by the end, two things are certain:  Frustration and sticker shock.

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Below are six simple thing things every homeowner should consider before considering if a custom fence is right for your Orlando and Central Florida Home.

  1. What are Your Plans For You Home?
    1. If you going to sell your home in the next five years, it’s probably not wise to invest in a who lot money into your wood fence.  As always, there are a few ways to customize those areas which promote curb appeal.
  2. What Is Your Budget
    1. Understand, the word customization means an increase in the cost to complete your fencing desire.  A simple rule to follow when budgeting for a custom fence is never spend more than 4% of the actual value of your home.   At best, depending on the neighborhood, the most you will see from an aesthetic bump is 5%.  At best
  3. What Level of Customization Do you desire?
  4. What Design Should I Use?
  5. What Materials Will Be Use?
  6. What Company Should You Choose?

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