Fencing Resource

             As homeowners, we often forced to rely on sales people when considering a home improvement project.  The information they present is surface level and field with marketing material.    Should a deeper question arise, we are often dismissed or only half the question was answered.   Then the realization settles in, "The lack of research begins --and so the research begins.   Then we quickly find out.   We rely on their words and promises.      frustrating collecting information can be There have When planning a custom fence project in Orlando, possessing a wide range of knowledge is necessary.   The problem has been there being few educational recourses out there until know. 



                 Custom Fence Orlando is here to help.    We understand how the species of the tree, the milling method, the size and grade, and the fasteners contribute aesthetics and structural integrity of a fence.   In order accomplish, we visit the lumber mills, pressure treating plants, and the chemical company collect data and conduct our own house test and experiments.  We ask the questions most custom fence companies don't.  Questions such as is there a collation number of growth rings a tree species possess translate to milled lumber ability to resist against fungal decay and termites? What are the affects of pressure treating code in relation fasters? It's question like these which have to save customers thousands of dollars and aggravation over the last twelve years. 

 When we at Custom Fence Orlando encourage any homeowner considering a, it's important to slow down and. Whatever Do not get caught up in the wow factor.    Otherwise, it is very easy to overlook the little things that will make a difference.